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A Scotsman Travels

What is going on guys hope you’re all doing great

Welcome to the start of my new adventure

In this installment is a short intro to what is coming up in future installments where we  will be finding out about the save idea i have for this blog, the club and their history

Save Idea

the idea i have for this save is to travel around the world managing in as many countries as i can trying to build a club up to the top division and take a club to national club success and maybe continental success as well  so when i leave the club they were in a lot better state than when i took over

the leagues that i have loaded so far and i will adding more as i start to move around

leagues i can move to

Starting clubs is hired

e1f87402aa34dc4e57adfa7e343e6eab Fram Reykjavík formally as Knattspyrnufélagið Fram

they were founded on 1st May 1908 in Reykjavík, Iceland

Fram is one of the most successful clubs in Iceland winning 18 Icelandic Premier Division Titles and 8 Icelandic Cup to name a few

this is all the titles that Fram has won



Laugardalsvollur_6Fram play their home games at Iceland’s National Stadium

Laugardalsvöllur and its an impressive stadium

Where the Geiramenn (Fram Supporters) travel in great numbers and the demand for Fram tickets in occasional away games is high because the Fram  have strong supports in other parts of the country

Also The Fram youth set-up has been recognized as one of the best in Iceland for producing young talents so that will really help in what i want to do in this journey

Now its time to get more into the starting point of the save

When i was hired Fram had already played half their season so this is the league table and what the board expects from me my boards expectations

The Squad my squad

as you can see we have a very good young squad with the average age of the squad being 22 years old

the key players to look out for

  • Hafþór Þrastarson – he has got some really good stats but his team working and work rate stand out for me being 15 for each and i think that he will be my first choice right back
  • Hlynur Atli Magnússon – he is a really good central defender with some good stats and only being 24 he has time to improve as well

and the last player i want to show is

  • Atli Fannar Jónsson – only being 19 years old he is a great advanced playermark (amc) but he can also play up top as a striker, his current ability is 3 & a half stars potential to be a 5 star player so am really looking forward to using him and training him to be the best he can be

So guys that is the end of the short intro to the Save idea and the club that i am starting with

in the next installment we will be heading straight into the league games to see how i get on and also see if we can be around the top of the league by the end of the season

Thank you so much for taking the time out of you day to read this and hope you enjoyed the short intro into the save and the club that i’m starting off at

Take care and i will see you in the next one



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